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[Panel 1]
The servers have stopped.

Probably that thunderstorm.

They get all nervous
and huddle at the
bottom of the rack.

No servers means
no Totoro.

No Totoro means
unhappy Elizabeth.


[Panel 2]
I'll just get Nils to... oh, hang
on, he's off somewhere isn't he?

He'd better not
come back, then.

...or I could phone him?

[Panel 3]
# Nils head shot
...and I think she's going to start
eating things. Like the furniture.

No problem.
Set the
to clean
on Monday,
and Friday
at 3am.

? !

That'll bring up the emergency
access system, and then I'll
get in and fix things.

[Panel 4]
# in Essen
So that is a rebel assassinated,
and the pope gives me
another colony, so I win.

It's a man's life in the
dystopian future. Which
stand shall we visit next?

Had you not
better do
about that
phone call?

The slaughterbot can do it on its
own. I just don't want Bell
thinking I'm superfluous.

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