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[Panel 1]
They had the plaza cordoned
off just now. I had to come
in through the back way.

Bloody boeres all
over the place,
bomb squad, dogs...

It is either a terrorist or
a late firework. We DID clean
everything up from last
weekend's shows, I think?

[Panel 2]
Yeah, but don't let them
swab your hands, there'll be
trace on there for weeks.

That means I have to
wait until they have
gone to go out for lunch?

Well I'm not going to tell
you MY back way out of
here. I might need it.

[Panel 3]
Should be fine if they
actually catch someone.
They'll grab him and go away.

Last time I was in the
ladies' the PAs were
complaining about that
new manager. Likes to touch.

Then I think I had better go
and install his new phone.
I have a spare one somewhere.

[Panel 4]
Hurry up, they'll be evacuating
the important people soon.

Not us of course.
We're replaceable.

If OUR work day is interrupted,
it might actually make a
difference to the company.

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