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[Panel 1]
Ah, good, Nils, I was
about to call you.

I've just put
a new mild on...

Well, I suppose I could.

[Panel 2]
Are you sickening for something?

Recovering from the
Bermondsey Beer Mile.

Eleventeen crafty
beer pubs under
the railway arches.

Isn't it "craft" beer?

[Panel 3]
Not when it sneaks up behind
you on its little beery feet.

You should have
had some water
when you got home.

I did. And something to eat. I'm
not hung over, I'm just TIRED.

[Panel 4]
Maybe you ARE sickening
for something.

Just don't tell
Jaakko or I'll
never hear
the end of it.

Oh, do not worry, you are
already nothing like careful
enough about who is listening.

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