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[Panel 1]
The cafe have got another package
for you. They say it's all squirmy.

Ah, good, that'll be
the card sleeves.

Cardi sleeves?
Like a cardigan?

[Panel 2]
Plastic envelopes to hold game
cards, so they're a bit tougher
but you can still play with them.

Ah. I'm sure you
have a reason.

Games are getting more expensive,
what with shipping and monopolies
and the thing we don't talk about.

[Panel 3]
You mean Br-

That we don't talk about
because it'll just make
us unhappy again.

So I'm sleeving some of my
favourites to be sure they
last us through the Dark Times.

[Panel 4]
Economic collapse, breakdown
of civil order, fire, floods,
nuclear war, robot rebellion...

Must be pretty
impressive plastic.

If I end up stuck in a
shelter with you and a
bunch of board games,
you're going to be
lunch the moment you
take your eyes off me.

Why, that's the nicest thing
anyone's said to me all day.

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