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[Panel 1]
Jaakko, are you coming in today?

[style octagon]
[textcolour DarkOrchid4]
No, I have a truly
heroic hangover. So
log me as sick, will you?


[Panel 2]

You remember the shiny
new Absence Management
System that went live
three weeks ago?


[Panel 3]
It replaces all the old HR
systems and is terribly powerful
and sophisticated. So said
the mail they sent round.

I think I
know where
this is going.

It's officially signed
off and paid for, but
nobody can log in yet.

[Panel 4]
So you can't be
sick, because it
can't be recorded.

Hang on... I thought
we did not use central
HR any more because we
are contractor scum?

If you can work that out,
you're well enough to come in.

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