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[Panel 1]
[style rect]
In Essen

...and I played Paper
Tales and Debtzilla and
Soviet Kitchen and
Monster Lands and...

Wuh? What day is
it? When's breakfast?

You just ate it.


[Panel 2]
I know what's wrong with
you. You've been sleeping!

Yes, I like to do that
once a day or so.

But there are games
out there that we haven't
even HEARD of yet!

[Panel 3]
Are you sure this is wise?


I mean, sooner or
later it is sure to
catch up with you.

Plenty of time for sleep
when I'm back at work.
The dreams are better there.

Anyway, I need to go and look at

[Panel 4]

I didn't think humans
COULD sleep standing up.

Do you think
we should get
her to bed?

No, just shift her two booths
over, stick a spear in her hand,
and she can promote War Librarians
of Karthraxi till she wakes up.

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