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[Panel 1]
Panic! Incoming hound!

Hello Ginny. I
suppose Jaakko left
the door open last
time he broke in.

Oh, was there a door?
I didn't notice.

[Panel 2]
I'm dog-sitting. For at
least a month. HELP!

That doesn't seem
so very...

While my partner's
away on a course
and I've got to be
at work all day.

Oh no. No no no no.
That dog EATS things.

[Panel 3]
He's much better now. He's a
Stately Hound. And it would only
be for a few hours at a time...

How does he feel
about cats?

Fine in their place.


Which is up the curtain
being barked at.

[Panel 4]
Well obviously we'll help,
but it'll be a nuisance.
Crate of decent beer?

AND for me.

A professional
would be cheaper.

Not a good one. And you don't
want your mum's dog looked after
by Honest Panjit's Antiques,
Radio Cars and Dog Sitting.

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