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[Panel 1]
Well, I think it's very
unreasonable of you.

But I have absolutely no
interest in knitting,
stitching, quilting,
beading, felting,
macramé, lacemaking,
crochet, weaving…

Some of the other librarians
skived off during the week and had
a great time. Now I want to go too!

[Panel 2]
Then go!

On my own?
That's no good.

Go where?

The knitting and stitching show!
Do come, Bell, it'll be fun!


[Panel 3]
[style rect]
One knitting and
stitching show later

So how was it?

I've seen more patchwork and wool
and multicoloured knitting needles
than is reasonable, and Elizabeth
promised me beads like coffins and
bats and it took AGES to find them.

But we did in the end. And I
have lots of shinies for my
new project. Which may even
be done while it's still winter…

[Panel 4]
But you know what, Nils,
some of those machines for
making patchwork quilts are
really amazing. You ought to…


There's an open-hardware
circular knitting machine
you could build yourself?

It must be infectious! Keep away!

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