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[Panel 1]
Good news!

You survived
Essen again?

And the rented car still has
its suspension. Mostly.

[Panel 2]
And we have more sanity left
than last year, because Elizabeth
wasn't singing all the way home.

Why not?
Was she ill?

The publisher of War
Librarians of Karthraxi
adopted her as their mascot.

[Panel 3]
So she has a standing
invitation to a good
night out any time she
is in Beograd. I think
she is still in shock.

I wouldn't have
thought that would
stop her singing.

She is still getting used
to being an international
celebrity. Some time soon…

[Panel 4]
[font KomikaB.ttf]
Muahahahaha! Tremble and obey!

Ah, yes, that'll
be her now.

I think everyone in
the post code will
have heard that….

More importantly, she came
out of it between three and
four days after we got back,
so I win the sweepstake.

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