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[Panel 1]
Nils, we need to talk
about that fridge.

Has it broken down?

I just found what appeared to
be a nice slab of chocolate,
and, to compress a subjective
eternity of experience into
three syllables, it was not.

[Panel 2]
Ah. That'll be the brunost
Jaakko lost during the party
to celebrate the new fridge.

For some reason I am not at all
surprised that his name should be
associated with a disgusting food.

[Panel 3]
It's Norwegian whey cheese.

Why cheese?

Technically it's made
from what's left over when
you've made the cheese.

[Panel 4]
So it's an anti-cheese?

Ooh! I wonder
what would happen
if we combined it
with a cheeseā€¦

Go for it. If you blow us
all to tiny bits, I shan't be
able to remember the taste.

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