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[Panel 1]
Any word on when they'll
let you open yet?

I've heard everything from
"tomorrow" to "a month's time"
depending on which newspaper you
believe. Nothing official though.

Jislaaik. I could really use a
pint. Especially after Elizabeth
accidentally turned on the news.

[Panel 2]
The virus hasn't got bored yet.

The politicians
have, though.

And most of the public
have forgotten that a
thing can last more
than three weeks and
still be important.

Ah, been shopping again, have we?

[Panel 3]
Only the tiny kids were even TRYING
to keep their distance. And me.

And tiny kids are
disease reservoirs
at the best of times.

Tell you what, if they
don't let you open tomorrow,
how about you rent the
main bar to Ratel
Consulting as office space?

What, and dirty up
my nice clean pub?

[Panel 4]
We'd give you money.

And then I could see
Ginny (one member of
another household).

Hmph. I suppose I
can't see her too?

Only if we hold the meeting
in the roof shelter, which IS
technically an outdoor spaceā€¦

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