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[Panel 1]
Another week, another set of rules.

But I don't think we can
get any use out of the
linked households thing.
None of us lives on our own.

Or has small children,
thank goodness.

[Panel 2]
Maybe one of us could
be regarded as under 18?

Technically I
don't KNOW how
old Jaakko is.

Or WHERE he is.

[Panel 3]
Maybe we could hold a funeral?
You're allowed more people there.

I think they
might notice the
lack of a body.

…maybe one of us could
be an elite athlete?


[Panel 4]
No, seriously, all you need
is to be paid for doing sporty
stuff, and suddenly none
of the rules apply to you.

Ratel Consulting clearly
needs to sponsor a
professional, er…

Cycling team?

Well, I WAS thinking boardgames…

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