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[Panel 1]

Oh, are you burning
down the pub for the
insurance money?

No! Why would you think that?

[Panel 2]
Been living in the same
place as Nils for too long.

Well that's fair. No, I
went over to Mandi's place
to help her shift an old
fridge, and her wallpaper
matches the duvet.

…and I'm hoping that's
not a euphemism.

[Panel 3]
So am I. No, she actually
got wallpaper with the same
pattern as her favourite duvet.

And then she said she
got two more duvet
covers the same so
that they don't clash.

Well obviously it's camouflage.

[Panel 4]

When They come round
to murder us all in
our beds,they won't be
able to find the bed.

Until they trip
over it of course.

And here I thought it was just
to hide her latest drummer…

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