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[Panel 1]
Pint of existential dread?

You're in luck!
That's what we've
got on every pump.

Meanwhile, it's alive, I suppose.

[Panel 2]
Oh good. Coming to kill
us all in our beds?

No such luck. But now
I can play more games
with Jaakko without him
having to brave the
plague to get here.

But he'll do it anyway
to get a decent pint.

[Panel 3]
Naturally. But what works
for Jaakko also works for my
gaming mates in Darkest Welsh
Wales, and Leeds, and other
such places that aren't London.

Not to mention
Elizabeth's friends
in Beograd.

I thought they just
wanted her as a mascot?

[Panel 4]
They did, but then she started
TALKING to them, and now she's
in charge of their rulebooks.

But… she doesn't
read Serbian? I think,
I mean it's been
at least a week.

Apparently it works better if
she learns the games by gesture
and then writes it down…

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