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[Panel 1]
So my fleet is dispersing and
heading into the islands.

But my missile boats are
much better able to cope
with that sort of shallow
water than your big ships.

So we could go in after
you and pick you apart.

[Panel 2]
Goodness. I hope you don't.

Which is just what you would
want me to think if you had,
oh, a load of short-range
launchers hidden on the islands.

Come on, would I be that obvious?

[Panel 3]
Not if you were sober.

I mean, everyone knows
about coastal missiles.

Or they weren't paying
attention to the news.

[Panel 4]

So clearly what I expect
you to do is, er, hang
on a minute, poison in
front of you…?

I think I'll have another
metheglin while I'm waiting.

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