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[Panel 1]
# In the office: in front of a dispensing machine
Nils! I'm glad I caught you --
I wanted to thank you for...
What are you DOING?

I've got another three hours
minimum before I can knock off,
so I'm getting supper.

Supper? That thing only
has junkfood in it.

I didn't plan to be here
this long tonight so I
didn't bring any sarmies.

[Panel 2]
Anyhow, you look exhausted.
There's no way you ought to
stay late this evening.

No choice. I have to wait
for them to get the data
through. Right, four D7,
that should see me...

Nils, you CAN'T eat nothing
but four packets of pork
scratchings for supper!

It's ok, I
have the coffee
machine as well.

[Panel 3]
Pork scratchings and
coffee... not the world's
most balanced diet.

I've got these too...


You think I'm crazy?

[Panel 4]
So you're planning to get
through the evening on
crunchy pigskin,
coffee and pills.

I've done it before.

I'm getting a funny urge to look
after you and feed you right...

You could get me a couple of
G3 for dessert if you like.

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