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[Panel 1]
Nils is amazing: even when you
think he's a thousand miles
away, he's really on the ball.

You on the other hand didn't
look too good this morning.

I cycled in to work today.

But Jaakko, you always cycle in.

It's a safer option than the tube.

You mean you're afraid of bombs,
or something? I didn't have you
down as a self-panicker.

[Panel 2]

And you don't get those
on a bicycle, right.

No, just maniacs in white vans.

In Finland we wouldn't
ALLOW white vans!

Not sober, anyway.

You'd lose them in the snow?

So did a van run into you, or what?

No. But you know the wonderful
cycle-lanes that your wonderful
government has set up in your
wonderful London?

[Panel 3]

Err... yes, you mean the ones people
park white vans in all the time?

Today I think I found the
shortest one in the world.

I actually measured it. Just
under three metres long.

I was stunned.

You ought to meet my partner Ian.
He says things about short cycle-lanes.

[Panel 4]
In fact I don't see why you were
surprised -- from what he says, ALL
cycle lanes are cut up into little bits.

I wasn't surprised.

I was STUNNED. I ran into a
white van that had just pulled
in at the other end of it.

And the driver is claiming that
I wrote it off for him.

It's safer on the tube.

I've not managed to write
one of those off yet.

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