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[Panel 1]
....I wouldn't have minded so much
if any of us actually LIKED cats.

I don't mind cats
in the right place.

Someone else's house, maybe.

At home the cats live in the
barn to keep down the mice.

[Panel 2]
They aren't treated as pets.

Do you keep any pets? I assume
that dogs are for pulling sleds,
in your part of the world.

I never have, but my sister
usually has a pig or two.

She's got a Tuft-Tailed
Hairy Lapp Pig at
the moment. Very

[Panel 3]
As a pet?

DEFINITELY someone else's house!

You're just prejudiced.
Pigs are very easy to
housetrain, you know.

I'll take your word for it. So your
sister keeps pigs in the house...

And cats in the barn. Yes.

It occurs to me that your
life must always have been
slightly confusing, Jaakko.

[Panel 4]
Maybe that's why you sometimes
come over as a bit strange.

Maybe it's because you
never had the civilising
influence of pigs that
you sometimes come over
as a bit rude...

It's civilising to sit
with a pig in your lap?

Oh, come off it, Nils:
that wouldn't be confused,
it would be just SILLY.

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