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#In the pub
[Panel 1]
So it's back to the
old grind till Easter.

Oh, it's not THAT
bad, surely? If you
REALLY hated it
you'd be looking
for another job.

MegaGloboBank owns my mortgage.


In that case I understand.

[Panel 2]
I'm glad someone understands
something in this country.

I don't understand ANYTHING in this country!

Everybody here is either insane
or engaged on some huge plot to
drive everyone ELSE insane!

Trouble with
the bike again?


I found this thing called FreeCycle.

Uh-oh. I can see how that
might confuse you a little.

[Panel 3]
I am NOT confused.
THEY are all confused!

They are all offering to give

But why would anyone WANT an exercise
bicycle? The bicycle is the most
efficient form of transport ever
invented, so why use it to go nowhere?

It's even worse than static trainers! Aaaargh!

[Panel 4]
And anyway the English must be the
least healthy people in the universe.

Everywhere I look
people are getting
rid of the things.
They can't ALL have
been unwanted
Christmas presents?

No, it's just to avoid having to
keep their new year resolutions
to USE the things...

Here's your pint. You'll live.

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