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[Panel 1]
Hi! You're back safe
then. Good weekend?

It was a bit weird but
we got through ok. My
family's still raving
over Bell's cooking,
but I think it'll take
a while to talk her
into doing any more.

You just keep on making her offers
she can't refuse, in purple notes.
I'll leave recipe books lying around
where she can't help seeing them.

Sounds good to me.

[Panel 2]
And apart from that
how was your trip?

in places.

As I went through Dunstable,
I saw a sign that said

Baptist Chapel
Recycling Point

That's nothing! Who wouldn't
want to recycle old Baptist
chapels every so often?

[Panel 3]
I suppose, but how do they
get them down that small lane?

I saw one near there
that advertised Dick
Whittington's Cattery,

He had to get it from
somewhere, didn't he?

I wouldn't have thought he'd've
had any to spare, though.

Once you have two cats,
you tend to have more.

[Panel 4]
Don't. At least Bell took
that stray to the vet.

My Jemima is doing
well, though.

We haven't got any mice, so
Mehitabel's been training her to
pounce on pieces of carrot.

Don't tell Nils, or he'll
put a motor in the carrot
to make it jump about.

Even without that she
misses two times in three.

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