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[Panel 1]
Seen any teaspoons?

Ginny's still wearing
one on a chain.

Other than that, no, not
since the amnesty ended.

You know, some employers would
just provide more teaspoons...

[Panel 2]
I think they got annoyed
when a batch of company-logo
spoons showed up in the
dodgy market one weekend.

Thinking of which, have you seen
the latest email to everyone?

No, I gave up reading that mailbox
when the managers found out how to
post their presentations.

[Panel 3]
Apparently we can now buy
MegaGloboBank mugs and
t-shirts in the canteen.

Jislaaik! I knew they
were having liquidity
problems, but that
sounds a bit desperate.

I think they've just run out
of people who might be
suckered into doing deals for
them with the gift of a mug.

[Panel 4]
Now they have to offer them
something of real value, I suppose.

Aha! So THAT'S where all the
teaspoons have gone!

Or else Ginny's turned them
all into the working woman's
favourite bit of jewelry.

And never offered the bank
a cut of the profit. Tut.

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