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[Panel 1]
I must say, Jaakko, I take
it very kindly in you.

Clearly you needed some drink
that was meant for this weather.

And you say it's Finnish vodka?

It is Koskenkorva.

Much better than that
"Finlandia" rubbish.

[Panel 2]
The trouble in this country is
they have no idea about drink.

Or snow.

That's a bit unfair.

I didn't mean you, why
would you know about snow?

It's the way that two flakes fall
in London, it's a crisis.

If it's five they shut the
schools, the railways...

And for ten, it's a
day of National Doom.

[Panel 3]
Well, all I did was catch a cold.

Bell told me.

That's why I came over.

And what makes it worse is
I hadn't even been out.

You didn't catch the cold
anyway. It caught you.

So you'll have to learn to run
faster, or ride a bicycle.

[Panel 4]
But right now, I prescribe
for you the four-foot cure.

The what?

You take this bottle
and you go to bed.

Then you drink the Koskenkorva
until you can see four feet.

When you wake up you're either
better, or so hungover you
won't even notice the cold.

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