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[Panel 1]
Any luck yet?

Couple of interviews,
no bites.

Had a friend working for one
of the big store chains, he
could have got me in there...
unfortunately it was Woolworth's.

Could have been worse,
could have been MFI.

I suppose you could always get a job riding
one of those passenger-bicycle things...

[Panel 2]
I thought of that, but when I
did a trial they turned me down.

What? I thought you were
expert on a bicycle?

They said cornering at thirty
would scare the punters.

It's a funny thing about all
these companies going bust...

[Panel 3]

I don't see the joke.

They're mostly ones that
had lost their way.

Oh, I see. Yes. Or recently been
sold for a pound, or shuffled off
in a management buyout...

Yes, but think about it. What's
a thing you'd have made a special
trip to Woolworth's to get?

[Panel 4]

There's nothing.

They'd have gone bust anyway.
It's just that now there
aren't any suckers waiting to
buy them up and strip the assets.

It all fell apart
when Woolworth's
stopped selling wool...

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