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[Panel 1]
You all right, Bell? You
seem a bit off tonight.

Sorry. Didn't get home
till three this morning.

Up to anything interesting?

Catering with Ginny.

[Panel 2]
What, in this climate?

Well, yes, that's the point.

They were going to have a barbecue,
but they saw the forecasts and paid
us to roast them a pig instead.

[Panel 3]
And was it worth it?

For THEM it was. We didn't finish
cleaning up till one-thirty, and
didn't get dry till we got home.

AND I had to get bedding out
for Ginny 'cos she was too wiped
to drive back to her place.

[Panel 4]
Just remember who
pays your wages, eh?

No problem.
Another cup
of coffee and
I'll be right
as rain.

Give me a minute, I'll make
a pot of Staff Blend. Just
need to find my gauntlets...

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