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[Panel 1]
You know, we should set up that
deck-gun at work to drive off the JCBs.

Another cable cut today.

I thought you said you were
putting fibre bait down for them.

Yes, but they made me fill
in the pit traps. I told
them this would happen...

[Panel 2]
At least this time they had the
backup line running through an
actual separate cable-run.

A very thin one. By the time you've fought
everybody else's traffic and logged in to a
server you've forgotten why you wanted to.

I told them it would save hassle
just to have a local porn cache,
but did they listen to me?

I think the idea of a server
may have put them off slightly.

[Panel 3]
Implementation detail. We could
have called it something else.

Yes, but would YOU have
wanted to run it and find
out who was looking at what?

For blackmail.

So I could shoot the worst ones.

You DEFINITELY ought to
give that gun to Steve.

[Panel 4]
You want them to
give me a NAVAL gun?

Do I LOOK as if I
smell vaguely of fish?

Well, actually, now that
you come to mention it...

And since you won't get me
the mild I want, you could
order a cask of Shirtlifter...

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