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[Panel 1]
Well, what have you done with them?

With what?

Oh, like that, is it?

[Panel 2]
All right then. The
metal dice I bought
last week. They're not
in their pouch any more.

I haven't seen them since
the game on Wednesday.

Just because I was hitting
everyone else's ships and always
making the damage saves...

[Panel 3]
I am no more superstitious about
dice luck than the average gamer.

That really isn't
saying very much.

Hey, guys, I think the mice are
developing civilisation.

[Panel 4]
What, are they finally producing a
worthwhile body of literature?

Um... no, but they
were pushing some
shiny dice around.

Jislaaik! I'd better get
them back right away.

Otherwise they'll start
gambling with Camille,
and that CAN'T end well.

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