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[Panel 1]
That went all right.

Yeah. But I don't want to
look a mediaeval canape in
the face ever again EVER.

I'd rather we didn't because
it's completely inauthentic,
but the punters demand finger
food so that's what they get.

[Panel 2]
Not that you spent all that
much time on them tonight.

Um, I was a bit
distracted wasn't I?

Sorry about that.

Not a problem this time.
But you WERE rather wrapped
up in, who was it...?

[Panel 3]
Robin. Something to do
with the bride, I think.

Just remember, you're the
crew, not a real human being.

Don't worry, I'm not
taking it seriously.

Just as long as you
keep cooking for me.

Definitely. Purple
paper is my friend.

[Panel 4]
Which reminds me, can
you use the leftovers?

Of course! It's my turn
to cook at home this
week, and I quite fancy
not doing any work.

Doesn't Nils get
suspicious when you produce
sudden roast goose?

Not if he gets it sliced up
and doesn't see the carcase.

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