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[Panel 1]
Right, that's all the traps set.

By the way, WHY do you have
ten humane mousetraps?

In case of dormice. That
Slovenian I met said they
were very nice to eat.

[Panel 2]
But there aren't dormice
in London, surely?

Yet. They are gradually
spreading out from Tring.

I hate to break it to you,
but we aren't in Tring.

And my friend in Wycombe is not
willing to tend the traps for me.

[Panel 3]
Gosh, being woken every night in
return for a small furry fatty
bony snack. I can't imagine
why he wouldn't be enthused.


So what do we do with these...
fine fellows when we catch them?

[Panel 4]
Go at least half a mile away
before you let them loose,
or they will come back.

So I have to walk around
London in the middle of the
night with a cargo of mice?

It's either that or smuggle
them into work. I know some
deserving recipients...

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