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[Panel 1]
...and then the cops wouldn't let
us into the streets where the
actual rioting had been going on,
so we spent a few hours picking up
rubbish and went home.

Probably didn't want you
taking business away from
the cleanup companies.

Bunch of amateurs, anyway. When
I was a kid in S'Africa we had
REAL riots about the police.

I bet THEY didn't all go home
when it started raining.

[Panel 2]
Or when they got in thousands
more cops. WITH water cannon and
baton charges and the whole bit.

But then they were just out
to smash stuff, not pick
up desirable consumer goods
at a profound discount.

That reminds me, Nils, your new
tablet thingy finished charging
and went "ping". Quite put me out.

Oh, really?

[Panel 3]
Nothing like that! They were
being discontinued so I got
the shop's demo model cheap.

As long as you don't
try selling it in
here I don't care.

There was that bloke
with the suitcase
full of iPhones...

They wouldn't have
worked anyway, surely?

[Panel 4]
Punters didn't know that. So
I called the cops on him.

I don't know, you
try running a nice
respectable establishment,
and what happens?

The police decide they like the
bloody beer, that's what happens.

They paid, didn't they?

Yes, 'n' if they start to come here
regular, bang goes my reputation.

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