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[Panel 1]
I think our NTP server might be
playing up. Do you have the time?

My watch is at the menders.

My phone has already
synched to the server.

Can't you just check
an outside source?

[Panel 2]
Only if I trust the firewall
not to mess it about.

Hold on, I think
I have my camera
round here.

Better than nothing.

[Panel 3]
But I cannot remember whether I
set it back from Finnish time.

You'd better fire up your
laptop. But don't let it
connect to the network.

I'll need to take out the wireless
module, then. Got some snips?

Or we could use Standard
Reference Time.

[Panel 4]
What's that?

The sandwich place across the
road has a clock that they wind
each Monday, and it doesn't
talk to any servers at ALL.

AND they have a special on
old roast beef this week.

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