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[Panel 1]
Good braai.




Nils, are you seeing
anyone at the moment?

[Panel 2]
Er, no, and I have to say
you aren't really my type...


I want you to get involved
with a nurse. Or even
better an anaesthetist.

Have you any particular
reason for this?

[Panel 3]
I can't buy liquid oxygen any more.

Something about
terrorism and
safety and other
such nonsenses.

I stand amazed.

Why would ANYONE think you weren't
a fit person to have charge of
monstrously dangerous chemicals?

[Panel 4]

So I need you to
get to know someone
who can steal it
from her workplace.

I am disappointed in you, Jaakko!

It's not like you to miss
the chance to set up our
own air separation plant...

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