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[Panel 1]
Jislaaik! Look what Elizabeth has just sent
me! It went round her work this morning.

"There is an opportunity on
foundation day for 8 members of
staff to meet HRH the Princess
Royal as she unveils a plaque
celebrating the completion of the
library refurbishment project.

If you would like to take up this
opportunity please get back to me
by the end of the day tomorrow."

I'm glad I don't work there.

[Panel 2]
What, don't you approve of royalty?

Well, I am a good
republican, but mostly
I'm not sure I'm supposed
to get any closer than
five metres to anyone
else's royalty. Official
Secrets and all that.

I wouldn't either. After all
the trouble we went to to get
RID of English royalty...

It might be catching,
you know? I might
find I was kowtowing
or something.

[Panel 3]
I agree, it's all a bit edgy.

It might be some sort of
hypnosis, that's why people
let them get away with it.

You never know
what they might
be up to.

What's this?
Who might be
up to what?

[Panel 4]
...oh, I hope she
does manage to go!

Anne's a real sweetie...

What are you two
looking at me
like that for?

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