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[Panel 1]
I have HAD it with air travel.

What, again?

They sent me back to Heathrow.
Miles from where I needed to be.

Oh dear.

[Panel 2]
So I was running late, and they
were taking their own sweet time
about immigration, and of course my
passport isn't Properly British.

You should get an EU one.
I'm sure I have a cousin
who is not using his.

Almost two hours
standing in line.

[Panel 3]
One old boy keeled over. They
STILL wouldn't let him through.

Fortunately the
ambulance men had been
there before, and they'd
brought THEIR passports
as well as all the gear.

And THEN there was a woman
begging at the taxi-rank.

"Lost her luggage"?

[Panel 4]
Left her car in the car-park,
waited two hours to collect
someone, didn't have the
cash to get the car back...

Next time I'm going by train.

No trains to Ireland.

I'll dig a tunnel.

I think you may have to
settle for the boat-train...

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