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[Panel 1]
Evening, Steve. Several
pints, please.

Let's start with just
the one. What's up?

The traffic outside.
It's been jammed all week.
Hadn't you noticed?

Haven't been outside since mid-July.

[Panel 2]
All right for some. Anyway,
it's a nightmare out there...

That would be traffic avoiding
the Zil lane down on the other
road. Didn't you read the flyer?

What, you mean it wasn't just
another change to the dustbins?

No, it's the Glorious Olympics
keeping London's roads clear
for Important People.

[Panel 3]
Has Jaakko...?

They haven't caught him yet.

With luck that'll be enough
for him, and he won't go
off doing something daft...

[style octagon]
[textcolour SteelBlue4]
queep queep

[Panel 4]
Hi, Jaakko, we were...

Yes, there's an old tarpaulin in
my attic, of course you can...

Jaakko, I'm going to put the phone
down now before you tell me you've
"accidentally happened to come by"
one of the rooftop missiles.

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