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# break room
[Panel 1]
So a South African, three
Australians, a French Canadian,
an Italian and a Greek Cypriot
walk into a pub...

Is this some
sort of joke?

No, the last night at the
conference on Jersey.

Oh, poor Nils, how you do suffer...

[Panel 2]
Well, I had to bring the place some
custom, didn't I? It's only fair
after all the lovely beer they
poured down my throat last time.

I understand, really I do.
And have deep sympathy for
your plight. Honestly.

Anyway, it was just before last
orders, but then Pierre wandered
round to the back and spotted the
hundred and fifteen single malts.

[Panel 3]
I hadn't NOTICED them when
I was in there before.

Didn't get past the beer?

Well, beer's what I
go into a pub for...

[Panel 4]
Anyway, I think I lost
track somewhere around
Auchentoshan number six.

With a selection like that,
why would you drink the same
whiskey again and again?

Oh, they were

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