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[Panel 1]
All right, why did
you call us in here?

They're planning to
extend stack ranking
to the contractors.

They can't do that, Ratel's
employed as a single unit.

[Panel 2]
Yes, so if we're in the
bottom 10% of consultants we
get fired as a single unit.

That would be bad. I
have a bicycle habit
to support, after all.

That would be just fine.

[Panel 3]
Remember what happened
LAST time they fired us?

...they hired us back for lots
more money? Yes, all right.

How do you find out about
this stuff anyway? They NEVER
announce it beforehand.

[Panel 4]
Really, Jaakko. We have root on
the messaging server. All I have
to do is not bump into the GCHQ
programs doing the same thing.

Sounds far too much
like hard work to me.

I just check what's been left
on the flipchart pad every
time we use a meeting room...

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