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[Panel 1]
Any news yet?

No. Nothing's
answering from
beyond our border

Could be worse.

[Panel 2]
The phone switch could be
inside our local network.

True, then our users
would still be able to
phone us and complain.

Or the phone switch
could be OUR problem.

[Panel 3]
It seems odd that nobody's come
up here to whine at us in person.

You don't suppose...?

No, it's NOT a robot uprising.
Well, not technically.

[Panel 4]
Until the door locks
can talk to the
server again people
can only get out to
the fire escape, not
into the offices.

Maybe we should do that too.
The pub's at the other end of
that fire escape.

Just waiting... right, it's two
hours and the penalty clause has
kicked in. So now we get paid for
the rest of the day wherever we are.

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