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[Panel 1]
Sometimes it's good
to be a contractor.

Well, there's the money...

I was just reading an all-
staff email asking people
not to book leave until
after 5.15 in the afternoon.

[Panel 2]
Why on Earth not?

It takes so long that it's cutting
into people's working days.

And They don't want
to pay for that.

[Panel 3]
Why? When we were full-timers,
we'd just talk to Fiona.

Since she left it's all
got more complicated.

First there's the outsourced
HR web site so that you can't
take too many days off.

Then there's the project
management system so you don't
get assigned to any projects.

[Panel 4]
And then there's the email
calendar so you don't get
called into meetings.

You'd think someone would write
a single front-end to all that.

That would mean taking

Oh, Jaakko...?

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