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[Panel 1]
Well? That wasn't so bad, was it?

Bah. It'll be worse next year.

The cup final's OVER. And
the window mesh can sit
and rust in the yard.

[Panel 2]
Oh, hi Bell. Steve, have
you still got that window
mesh you had up yesterday?

Might do. Why? You're
on the first floor.

Mrs Organic Wholemeal Cafe says
could she borrow them because
she's worried about burglars.

[Panel 3]
I offered to lend her the
slaughterbot but she didn't seem
to think that was a good idea.

Course not. What you want for
burglars is claymore mines.

Surely if you have splattered bits
of burglar all over the kitchen you
can't claim to be vegan any more?

OR cruelty-free.

[Panel 4]
Anyway, tell her if she wants to
lug 'em over she can have 'em.

I'll get the sack
truck. Bell, d'you
want to help?

Oh dear I
think my back's
just gone.

Fair enough, more home-made honey
and ginger biscuits for me...

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