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[Panel 1]
How many Coastal Jaegers does it
take to change a light bulb?

Go on...

None. You just start a rumour
that they're coming and the
light bulb surrenders.

[Panel 2]
You and your elite troops.
You do know other countries
have them too, right?

I am sure they try.

And where do you think the
word "commando" comes from?

All right, ours were
a bit different.

[Panel 3]
They've all gone to pot these days
though. Not like when I was in.

YOU were in...?

Helicopter maintenance for the
air force. It was either that or
get conscripted and go somewhere
I might actually get shot at.

[Panel 4]
Anyway, you can be as sneaky
as you like, but there's one
lot that has EVERYBODY beaten.

How do I know I
don't have a
Gurkha hiding in
my spare room?

It doesn't
of dhal?

I'm not getting rent from him.

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