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[Panel 1]
No rush to get started.
The phones are down.

Oh? I haven't
heard about any
network failures.

No, it's a fire in
the machine room.

[Panel 2]
Not in MY machine room!

Some machine room
somewhere that
belongs to Microsoft.

Because obviously we can't
have an internal phone
system that is internal.

[Panel 3]
That would be far too

This is all very
well, but what
are we going to
DO about it?

Point to our risk assessment of
four years ago when we told them
what a bad idea it was.

[Panel 4]
Also press the button that
fires up our emergency
backup SIP/RTP network.

Why haven't you
done that already?

It has only been two hours. If we
do it in two hours this time, they
will expect two hours next time
when it is something SERIOUS.

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