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[Panel 1]
I may have done something bad.

If it's YOU thinking
that, we'd ALL better
hide in the beer cellar.

I was just riding here
when someone stepped out
into the road, and I had
to dodge to avoid them.

So I made my feelings
known, as you do.

But I have a nasty feeling
it may have been...

[Panel 2]
It won't do you any good to hide
from me in here, you know.

Everything bad that
has ever happened
in the world is
my fault and would
you like some gin?


Right you are.

[Panel 3]
While I entirely recognise your
right to do so at any time, WHY
did you step into the road?

No room on the
pavement because of
all the parked cars.

You could not have
squeezed round them?

Not and kept my next
paper on mediaeval honour
and cooking in my head.

[Panel 4]
As it is I'll have to write it and
then edit out the mad bicyclists.


Well, all right,
not very unfair.

I'd hate to think you rode the
way you do out of careful thought
and mature consideration.

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