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[Panel 1]
The rain is getting warmer.


That means it's braai season!

[Panel 2]
With you it's braai season if the
snow lets you get to the grill.

Well, yes, but it's
been AGES since we
had a good fire here.

True, the
may have
us by now...

I'll offer them more boerewors.

[Panel 3]
Did someone mention barbecues?

You need a better
front door lock,
by the way.

I put the chain on!

A distressingly
chain, yes.

[Panel 4]
Anyway, my uncle sent me this
haunch of moose nobody was using
(especially the moose) and we need
to eat it before it goes off.

Right! I'll fire
up the moose-

And I'll sell you the end of
the barrel of chilli mild that
only you two have been drinking...

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