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[Panel 1]
I think I have a solution about
our difficulty driving to Essen.


Not you too.

Go on.

The problem is, nobody will
rent us a car to take
across the Channel, right?

[Panel 2]
Even the ones who have
not met me before.

So we take the
truck to Dunkerque,
park it, and rent
a car there.

And we move all our things
into the rented car?

[Panel 3]
Yes! And then we drive to Essen
at, I hate to say it, more
than 70 kilometres per hour.

Don't be a fool!
No man could live
at such a speed!

With air conditioning.


[Panel 4]
And then when we come back,
we trans-ship all the loot
back to Little Katje.

And slowly wander
our way back home.

Moving boxes from one vehicle to
another in a parking lot late in
the evening. Yes, I'm sure that
won't look suspicious at ALL.

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