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# at home
[Panel 1]
By the way, when I was letting
myself in your cat was going
past too. With cargo.

She's not
our cat.

What SORT of cargo?

[Panel 2]
A mouse, I think. I was
mostly interested in putting
the lock back into the door.

That would explain why
there is now a small
grey Thing clomping
about loose in my room.

Ah, she is trying to teach
you to hunt. It is her job
as a Senior Cat, after all.

[Panel 3]
She needs to earn her keep!

It's not as if
we feed her.

We don't? Oh, right,
of course we don't.

[Panel 4]
Well, I could go and borrow
Erasmus from the pub.

But what would Mandi
do if she saw a mouse
while he was away?

With her lungs? Stun
it at fifteen paces
and kill it at five.

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