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[Panel 1]
Well, that's it. The boiler has
finally given up the ghost.

Possibly literally, judging
by the wailing of the damned
escaping from it at last.

I'm off.

Not asking. So where
do we find a new
one in a hurry?

Fifth cupboard in the kitchen,
in the box labelled "Cheesy
Wiggles Bulk Pack, danger
inflammable, do not move".

[Panel 2]

Well, it was there
when Steve and I
boarded it all over.

He got a good deal on
the original boiler,
so he bought a spare.

"Cheesy Wiggles"?

[Panel 3]
He didn't want anyone opening
the box before it was needed.

Well, I suppose that
solves half the problem.
Now to get it fitted.

I think Jaz is
at a loose end.

[Panel 4]
Oh come on, he's a sparkie.

But he knows a plumber,
and the plumber
knows a gas man...

That's all very well
and thank you I suppose.
But I wanted to solve
the problem myself!

Oh. Sorry. Hang on,
I'll come in again and
talk about fireworks...

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