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[Panel 1]
Remember that Thing?

You'll have to
be a bit more

The Olympic roller-coaster thing
we used for my Tarot installation.

[Panel 2]
No. I definitely do not remember
anything about that, Constable.

Good. Turns out that it's been a
complete drug on the market,
because nobody wants to pay to go
up it to see the views.

[Panel 3]
It's a short tower among tall
buildings and the girders block
the views anyway. How much did
it cost them to find that out?

24 million.

I need to be in that
line of work! I'd have
told them for 20!

ANYway, it occurred to me that
probably nobody would mind too much
if it, er, fell down one night.

[Panel 4]
Except the Prime Minister.

Now you're talking
my language.

Can we set fire to it first?

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