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[Panel 1]
Nice quiet evening. Oh, hello
Jaakko, we've got some Oakham...

Run for your lives!

It is loose!

[Panel 2]
What, Nils's garlic pickle?

Worse than that.
The slaughterbot!

So we're going to be...
hoovered to death?

[Panel 3]
How's it going to get
down the stairs anyway?

It was on great spider
legs! And the claws,
and the lifeless blood-
soaked body of Nils
with a rictus grin...

[Bell ]
...are you SURE about this?

[Panel 4]
Oh, good, there you are. What did
you think of the photo shoot?


What have you
done with Nils?

He's still washing off the fake
blood and going "teeheehee".

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