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[Panel 1]
[style rect]
In Essen

Last day of the show. Got
all your shopping done?

Yes, my side of
the car is loaded.

My dirty clothes are in the
post and my suitcases are full
of more important things.

[Panel 2]
Right. Time for Sunday bargains!

But those hardly
happen any more.

Unless you know a vendor
who doesn't want to ship all
their demo copies home again.

[Panel 3]
But we have bought everything that
Fulgurite Games produces already.

So we trade it
with people who
know OTHER vendors…

Too complicated for me. I
think I'll just ask Johann.

[Panel 4]
What is a Johann?

Shipping clerk.

The one who tells the
publishers how much
it'll cost to shift
their stuff home, so
they abandon it instead…

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