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[Panel 1]
Are you all right?

I just tried some of
Jaakko's pickled garlic.

A bit fervent?

[Panel 2]
Yes, but it was DELICIOUS.

Um. Hold on a sec.

[bordercolour red]
[bodycolour black]
[textcolour white]
Iä, iä, Yog-Sothoth Neblod Zin.

[Panel 3]

[bordercolour black]
[bodycolour white]
[textcolour black]
You're still you. Not
possessed by an eldritch
intelligence from
beyond space and time.

That's a thing you worry about?

[Panel 4]
Happens more often
than you might think.

I mean, let's
start with

Anything that tried to
possess HIM would have a
fight on its, er, tentacles.

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